Do a little research in Google and you’ll find the best, most feature rich WordPress autoblog plugin is WPRobot, it is an awesome autoblog plugin.

See my WPRobot Review.

If you haven’t bought WPRobot yet, use this link for a 25% WPRobot discount code: Stallion (BTW that’s an affiliate link with Stallion link cloaking).

The Stallion Responsive Theme and the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme include built in WPRobot SEO features that removes autoblog footprints (search engines could use the footprints to find and penalize autoblogs) and adds SEO to the autoblog content.

WPRobot Autoblog Plugin SEO

In Stallion you will find a settings under the “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” : “WPRobot Plugin Advanced SEO“, when turned on a new WPRobot options page (WPRobot SEO) will be available.


On this new settings page (found under the WPRobot Menu under “SEO Settings” in Stallion WordPress SEO V7.*) you will be able to set the following.



When set to WPRobot SEO ON, affiliate links and links to article source etc… will be hidden from search engines using advanced javascript/CSS. Your visitors will see a standard text link or in the case of the Amazon buy now image an image link they can click like any other link (will take them to Amazon or the Article sources etc… conserving any affiliate IDs etc…). Search engines can not access advanced javascript and see just the anchor text of the link or the image minus the link component (it’s not clickable).

Note: this is all built into the Stallion Theme, after changing a few settings (see below) it’s all automated (as it should be with WordPress AUTOBLOGS).

SEO wise this is perfect, you don’t waste link benefit on affiliate type links or nofollow, but the anchor text of those links (which is keyword rich with the WPRobot Plugin) is still counted as body text by the search engines.

Downside of this advanced SEO technique is visitors with javascript turned off see what search engine spiders see and they can’t click the links: ~10% of users have javascript turned off. IMO it’s a small price to pay for removing an affiliate footprint and saving a lot of link benefit (I use this SEO technique on all my autoblogs and thin affiliate sites).

Remove all rel=”nofollow” Links, not just WPRobot Affiliate links

Important SEO information: rel=”nofollow” links DELETE link benefit. We should NOT use rel=”nofollow” on our sites anymore (Google changed the rules a few years back!). As a Stallion SEO theme user you can remove them all.

SEO Nofollow Links

Stumbled into a happy SEO accident while coding this Stallion built in plugin. The default link format of WPRobot template links that use rel=”nofollow” is also the format used by most webmasters who add rel=”nofollow” links:

Default rel=”nofollow” Format

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Anchor Text or Image</a>

<a rel="nofollow" href="">Anchor Text or Image</a>

If you turn “Hide ALL rel=”nofollow” Links” to ON, ALL your main content nofollow links will be cloaked as well. If you don’t want all your main content (only affects main content) nofollow links cloaked turn this setting to OFF.

WPRobot Amazon Buy Now Image

Amazon Buy Now Image SEO

Choose from 13 Stallion Buy Now images, some saying buy from Amazon, others just Buy Now. Every file has a different filename and some of the images match with the Stallion theme colour schemes, select a Blue Stallion theme colour and select a Blue Buy Now image.

Changing this files filename partially removes (see next setting for full removal) of a very easy to find affiliate footprint that search engines like Google could use to find and downgrade WPRobot autoblogs.

Also nice to have 13 different images to choose from.

WPRobot Plugin Image Folder

This changes the folder location of the WPRobot plugins images (Amazon buy now button): see screenshot above.

You can leave it as the new default (within the Stallion themes folder) or for even better removal of this affiliate footprint set the location by copying (use FTP: Filezilla for example) the image folder (found within the Stallion themes zip file) somewhere on your server (you can also rename it) and setting the location box with format /nameoffolder/ for location or /wp-content/uploads/images/ for location (in this example I renamed the /nameoffolder/ folder to /images/ and uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/ using FTP). You can put this folder anywhere on the main domain and rename it whatever you like.

These two WPRobot Plugin image features would make it almost impossible for a search engine to use that image as a way to find and downgrade your autoblogs.

All three settings will work on both old and new WPRobot autoblogs (May 2014 tested on WPRobot 3 and WPRobot 4). The Stallion Theme Plugin Add on works on the content just before it’s served to a browser/search engine. It doesn’t rewrite the content in your database, so old posts are rewritten as well as new. You could have a 10,000 page autoblog have all it’s link benefit wasting nofollow affiliate links removed with a few clicks of the mouse after installing Stallion Responsive or Stallion WordPress SEO.

WPRobot Autoblog SEO Ouput

The WPRobot screenshot below shows part of a post created by the plugin showing how the Stallion WPRobot addon changes the output.

WPRobot Plugin SEO

The above is from a simple WPRobot Amazon campaign using default WPRobot settings. Stallion has converted all the nofollow affiliate links to Stallion cloaked affiliate links which waste no SEO benefit.

Stallion has replaced the WPRobot Amazon buy now image with a Stallion orange buy now image.

And it shows how Stallion monetizes the autoblog content with AdSense ads: the above shows only one of the AdSense ads, you can have three content ads and 3 link ads. Further Stallion ad monetization can be achieved using Chitika ads, Kontera ads and Infolinks ads networks: there’s 4 ad networks built into Stallion: AdSense, Chitika, Kontera and Infolinks, plus options to use custom ads.

Non WPRobot Plugin Users

The advanced SEO javascript technique bundled with stallion can be used on any affiliate link. See the Stallion Theme Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial to see how I use this feature on all my affiliate sites including this affiliate link to the WPRobot sales page (looks like any other text link other than the redirecting URL, it isn’t, it wastes no link benefit, but you can still click it).

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