Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO See you are using the WPRobot WordPress autoblog plugin (you should be a little worried I know that **).

You are in luck, in the next Stallion update (6.1 due soon) I’ve added built in SEO for WPRobot users. It’s not part of Stallion 6.0.1 (current release), but you can read about it at WPRobot Autoblog Plugin Stallion SEO Features.

** I know you are using WPRobot because the images from the autoblogged posts are saved to server within the WPRobot folder:


It’s advisable to rename the WPRobot3 folder to something else, for example


So there isn’t an easy to find thin affiliate footprint search engines can use to easily find your autoblog.

It’s best to rename the folder before you activate WPRobot for the first time so all posts take the new location into account.

WPRobot is by far the best WordPress autoblog plugin available.