Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO I’ve wrote a fair amount over the years about Amazon thin affiliate sites, WPRobot autoblogs etc… and not a lot has changed over the past few years.

You can still make money from thin affiliate sites and autoblogs, but in my experience it’s not sustainable UNLESS you plan to build a LOT of them.

What’s happened with mine is they either go nowhere or the ones that make money, make money for under 2 years. So you have to keep making them over and over again and I don’t like throw away sites/domains so beyond testing I don’t follow that approach.

I can say comparing Amazon only thin affiliate sites vs WPRobot autoblogs, the WPRobot sites tend to last longer than Amazon only content.

Do a Google site: search on some thin affiliate sites, format:


And you will tend to find some of the Amazon content links directly to Amazon sales pages. Although Google is spidering and indexing the Amazon content, it’s associating the SEO benefit to Amazon rather than the thin affiliate site! Basically you are wasting your time adding Amazon thin content to an autoblog.

Good example from one of my test sites (pop this in a Google search):


Note how today (Jan 29th 2016) of the 30+ indexed pages links to the home page and categories (urls including are linking to my test domain. Some of the remaining links (to the thin Amazon content) go directly to Amazon and even use the title tags etc… from amazon, they even have star ratings (my site doesn’t have that feature).

If I ever built a large network of autoblogs/thin affiliate content sites I wouldn’t use Amazon content at all.

The ones that have lasted longest for me are Shareasale datafeed generated sites. WPRobot has a Shareasale module that uses Shareasale datafeeds to create posts. I think because they are harder to make, less people use datafeeds so it’s less obvious it’s a thin affiliate site. You can also modify the datafeed prior to use.