Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO Don’t rename the wprobot3 folder AFTER activating WPRobot 4, it will mess things up.

To rename the wprobot3 folder do it BEFORE activating WPRobot 4, if it’s already active it’s probably too late (not tried it: try the WPRobot forum for support on that one).

The code you posted was the wrong code, you posted two Amazon affiliate text links with no image code. Without seeing the site can’t help further with the Amazon buy now images. Need to see the URL to the image, not the affiliate link code to Amazon.

Edit a post with the right image and you’ll see something like this:

<img src="http://domain.tld/wp-content/plugins/wprobot3/images/buynow-big.gif" alt="" />

Under the Stallion WPRobot SEO options the option “WPRobot Plugin Folder Location” should be set to:


If you changed the plugins folder name to say “random-plugin” the the option “WPRobot Plugin Folder Location” should also be random-plugin.

The option “WPRobot Plugin Image Folder” should be set to:


Unless you put a copy of the directory /products/ somewhere else on your server. For example if you made a folder under /wp-content/ called /stuff/ and put a copy of the images from /stallion-responsive/products/ into /stuff/ you’d use


Note there was a WPRobot 4 bug I found that put a new copy of the Amazon buy now images into the /wp-content/uploads/ folder (the WordPress media library), see

It took the WPRobot 4 developer about a couple of months if I recall correctly to fix the bug, so if you created Amazon posts about 8-10 months ago they can’t have their Amazon images changed automatically by Stallion Responsive.

Those images have the wrong format, you’ll find they have the image code format


Might have a date format as well depending on your media settings.

Every Amazon product has it’s own Amazon buy now image added to the WordPress media library (that was the WPRobot bug, wasn’t supposed to do that). I can’t code Stallion Responsive to cover them all. If you see this format, nothing we can do about it.