Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by Abel.

WPRobot Plugin SEO Hi David,
Thank you for your feedback.
No, I don’t want the full content shown on archives. But, yes I am looking for richer content.
I have been fairly successful with Amazon autobloging sales using another theme which is very graphical but SEO poor. Therefore I was trying to see if I could get something similarly appealing with Stallion’s SEO benefits. After all pictures sell!
I changed to various post formats and found puzzling results with Stallion, like it was showing the full post (which I don’t want!), some with double titles and with a tag with the full title (can’t be removed) – which must be a bug.
Thank you for the plugin, I will check it. I will also look into your thumbnails again, although I must admit that I didn’t quite understand it from my first review.

One more thing: despite changing the Amazon Sell button in the WP robot settings it does not change it in the latest posts, any ideas why?