Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO The demo site is using WPRobot.

All content on the site is either scraped by WPRobot or built into Stallion. Basically main content is autoblog, some images are Stallion, if you look at the Popular Articles menu on the right the small images are a Stallion feature that’s great for autoblogs.

Basically with an autoblog you want to set it up and forget about it, Stallion uses images associated with the scraped content as thumbnails etc… where it can and where it can’t use a set of images built into Stallion or added by you (10 images is enough) for thumbnails, so every post has an image associated with it even if the main content doesn’t have images (saves so much time).

That site is using the WPRobot Shareasale Module for the Magazine posts. Think I used 3 or 4 WPRobot modules.

After setup completely automated.