Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO The WPRobot plugin isn’t bundled with Stallion, so you need to buy a WPRobot licence.

Stallion adds new SEO features to WPRobot autoblogs that you can not get anywhere else.

All my WordPress sites run Stallion including the site you are on now, you can see an autoblog example at used the WPRobot Amazon module to add some content.

If you read through this sites comments you’ll find I link to my WordPress sites that run Stallion to show examples of features people want to achieve etc… And you can freely download the Stallion theme zip file and install it in a demo mode, you can see most settings, but can’t change them.

The Stallion WPRobot options page only loads when the WPRobot plugin is present and active.