Comment on WPRobot Autoblog Plugin by SEO Dave.

WPRobot Plugin SEO I’ve not tried changing the WPRobot folder name after activation etc… always made the folder name change in advance so it was taken into account during setup.

You should go to the WPRobot forum for advise on this, I’m sure others will have made the folder name change after setup (the WPRobot plugin author recommends this change) and have steps you’ll need to take to keep the site running correctly.

For future sites if you rename the folder prior to activating WPRobot the setup is the same as when you don’t rename it.

No matter what you do your current autoblog posts images won’t work because they are hard coded to look for /wprobot3/images/ where the images are saved to server (the images will have moved). Update: WPRobot 4 no longer adds the images to the WPRobot plugin folder, adds them to the WordPress uploads folder, so renaming the folder is less of an issue.

If this was one of my sites I’d either leave it as is (don’t rename the folder) if it’s an old site with loads of posts. Or if a new site delete it and start again renaming the folder first. If you know what you are doing you could edit the posts via the database using search and replace SQL queries to change the hard coded links. If you haven’t a clue what that means, don’t go there, it’s advanced techniques for fixing mistakes :-)