The Stallion Responsive theme and Stallion WordPress SEO theme includes titles for comments. You can see it in action in the comments below, there’s a form box with the comment called “Comment Title”).

I’ve taken the Hikari Titled Comments Plugin and packaged it with the Stallion theme files (it installs under the “Stallion Theme” >> “Advanced SEO Options” page). Had a very quick browse through the Hikari site and looks like he might have a few WordPress plugin gems (the Hikari Titled Comments plugin was a nice find), will have to check them out when I find the time.

WordPress Comment Titles

When active your WordPress comments form will have a new form box called “Comment title”, see screenshot below.

WordPress Comment Form Title

The Comment Title (added by you or your visitors) not only gives each comment a title which you could edit for SEO reasons (add SEO’d comment titles to comments without a comment title for example by editing old comments), but the comment title is also used by other Stallion packaged SEO plugins including the Stallion SEO Super Comments Plugin (I use a highly customised version of the SEO Super Comments plugin which only works with my WordPress SEO themes) which produces pages from large comments when this plugin is activated.

See the comments below for examples of both WordPress SEO plugins in action, there’s a link at the bottom right corner of larger comments to the counterpart post like SEO blog comment.

On WordPress Posts and Static Pages your WordPress comments will use the Stallion comment title as you can see in the screenshot below, this is a screenshot of one of the comments from this article.

WordPress Comment Title

As you can see from the image above and the comments below the comment titles are used multiple times and adds valuable SEO content to your user comments. This site has LOTS of long tail keyword SERPs totally due to the comment titles, without the comment titles I wouldn’t have the SERPs.

There are no other WordPress themes that add this advanced SEO feature.

In the next screenshot you can see the comment titles usages on the blog comments pages like this one: Hikari Titled Comments WordPress Plugin Review (this is a copy of a link from one of the comments below).

WordPress Blog Comments SEO Title

The comment title (Hikari Titled Comments WordPress Plugin Review) is used as the H1 header (bold text in screenshot above). The comment title is also used as the title tag for the blog comment page. This means the extra Google indexed comment content has basic SEO: an SEO’d title tag and SEO’d H1 header.

No other WordPress theme offers this level of WordPress comment SEO. When both plugins are active (which takes a few clicks of the mouse) the SEO Super Comments plugin comment pages will use the comment titles as the title of the pages, this gives you more control over the SEO of these extra pages and has the potential of increasing the traffic to your site through more long tail SERPs.

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