Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by SEO Dave.

WordPress Comment Title That’s going to be an IE7 compatibility issue (not a problem in IE8+). Microsoft has over the years refused to follow browser conventions set out by W3C etc… and it’s resulted in a buggy browser. Pre Internet Explorer 7 has a few small CSS issue with Stallion (originally missed them, the IE emulator I was using since I have the latest version of IE installed wasn’t working correctly), plan to find sometime to see if there’s a fix, but it’s not a high priority because IE’s market share has taken a nose dive

Last month IE7 usage dropped to 5.3%, I’m so glad they are no longer the main browser, the headaches they have caused webmasters.

Will be seeing if I can find a fix for the next Stallion update.

The clicking author links that don’t open is also an IE7 issue (works in newer versions). I’ve used form buttons to emulate clickable text links (for SEO reasons, it’s an alternative to adding rel=”nofollow” which deletes link benefit) and looks like IE7 doesn’t support them (on the lit of things to try to find a work around). In a future Stallion release I want to add the option to have normal text links for comment author links that pass link benefit (especially the admins links), but it’s not a high priority and it comes at the cost of sending link benefit to your commenter’s sites (which is fine for some sites, but not all). All other WordPress themes use nofollow that gives your commenter’s no link benefit and deletes the link benefit from your site!

I was doing some research on IE7 issues and the dropdown navigation menu code used in the default WordPress TwentyTen theme didn’t work correctly in IE7 (need to check if that’s still the case). Guess where I got the dropdown navigation menu code for Stallion from :-) Internet Explorer really does suck.

No need to apologise for finding problems Erik, if I don’t know a problem exists, can’t fix it.

Like you since moving my sites to Stallion my traffic is up. I run a lot of sites and some have had no new content in a couple of years and installing Stallion has increased traffic. Since I was updating from Talian 5 I wasn’t expecting much of an increase since Stallion didn’t add a great deal of SEO over Talian.