Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by Erik.

WordPress Comment Title Hi Dave, I don’t know if you are aware of it but there seems to be an issue with how comments are displayed in IE.

When I view this Stallion theme site, or my own, or other sites using the theme, the comment borders seem to double up creating a pretty ugly overflow/overlap. In addition to that the author links don’t seem to work in IE–they are underlined, but when clicked nothing happens (Is this just me? or if others see it too…I did a completely fresh install on one of my other sites and had the same issue though).

Everything looks fine in Chrome and Firefox from what I can tell. And to be honest I dislike IE and don’t use it, but unfortunately about 50% of my visitors do.

Not to add another negative, but I’ve found there is one other undesirable side effect, when using threaded comments. Since the borders double up, it compacts the comment space, so that once you get a decent thread going, the comments get really crushed up. When I had threaded comments switched on (I did allow the max 10 threaded comments, which may be part of the issue) some users were saying that in the final comment or two of a long thread the text was only a word or two wide. So I disabled it.

I know this is not a direct SEO issue, but I think it could affect user experience, which could in turn influence time on site or how engaged people would like to be in terms of reading/leaving comments. I get quite a few comments, which is one reason I’d love to sharpen up this aspect (again, unless this is something totally specific to my experience, but I don’t think it is).

By the way I always feel like I am writing for help or to point something out but I wanted to say thanks again for all the hard work on a great theme, which overall has been very easy to work with and with a lot of nice features.

But the best part is that my Alexa rankings have really been climbing over the past months since implementing first talian and now stallion. Some of that is probably due to the content I’ve been cranking out and reader engagement but I am confident that the theme has been doing its part to help me rise in the rankings as well.