Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by SEO Dave.

WordPress Comment Title I assume you’ve edited the sidebar code to ad your sidebar widgets in the past, this is the worst way to edit your sidebars.

Go to “Appearance >> Widgets” where you can drag and drop all built in widgets to your sidebars.

For custom widgets (code you’ve created) you have two choices with Stallion.

For a widget you plan to use on one or a small number of sites use a text widget.

Drag and drop a Text widget to the sidebar you want it on, in the box that opens paste the code you want in that box. I used this technique for the Aweber mailing list form you see on this site.

For custom widgets you want on multiple sites.

Within the folder /stallion-seo-theme/widgets/ there’s a file custom-widgets.php

This is there for adding your own widget code. There’s instructions in the file, edit offline and upload via FTP.

Using text widgets is the easy way, but the custom widgets file when setup makes it easier for multiple sites. For example if you was running a Massive Passive Plugin Autoblog and wanted a widget on every sub-domain having the custom widget file makes it easy.