Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by Erik.

WordPress Comment Title Dave, thanks!

To be honest, I hardly pay attention to IE (I avoid cranking up that beast like the plague), so I think we feel similarly about it, which is…ugh. I had actually assumed I was running IE8 or IE9 but since I never use it, looks like I must have IE7 and thus getting the comments box spill-over. I checked my analytics and you are right this is a much smaller % of users, for me it’s just like 8% or so.

On clicking author links, though, one thing I didn’t mention previously is that I do also get a “405 Method not allowed” when clicking some links (but not all). This occurs in both Firefox and Chrome. It’s different from what I experienced in IE which was just a click and…nothing. Here it takes you to the 405 screen. Puzzlingly, some author links do work, though. Just FYI.

In any case I think the way you’ve preserved the author links juice here by not evaporating it with a nofollow is just great. Another of those many little things that must add up.

Thanks again for the response, and I guess knowing that IE7 is a small and dropping % of users, I hope you won’t kill yourself trying to fix this particular relatively minor issue on the next update! :)