Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by Paul Zagoridis.

WordPress Comment Title I like the idea of not editing the theme files directly and relying on widgets. But I have a couple of questions.

1) I’ve created a new page template “page-children-list” which is a copy of single.php which just lists the children of a page. That way I can have a “Team” page with just lists the sub-pages of each player. This seemed to be the best way to automate the page rather than hand editing every time a team member changed.

2) featured images: I want to use the featured image on posts/pages where there is one. There are a few plugins that give this sort of functionality. Normally I’d edit the theme file to just show the featured image if it exists. Is there a way of achieving this without custom widgets/plugins? Specifically I’d show the featured image thumbnail at the top of the right sidebar.

If it was via a widget, what would it show on the homepage/category/search results?