Comment on WordPress Comment Form Title by SEO Dave.

WordPress Comment Title This WordPress plugin review is to test out the Stallion SEO Ad Theme Comment Title Feature.

The Hikari Titled Comments Plugin is a nice addition to any WordPress site, visitors like to have interesting little features like this and if used correctly by the site owner can increase a sites search engine optimization: you can add relevant keywords to the comment titles without messing with your visitors comments text per se.

Unfortunately for WordPress webmasters not running the Stallion SEO theme (the Hikari Titled Comments Plugin is built in to Stallion) it requires the newer WordPress comment code and some template editing, so it won’t work with every theme (if you can set threaded comments will probably work with your theme) and requires editing probably two theme template files (not hard to edit).

That should be enough of a WordPress plugin review to show how the Hikari Titled Comments Plugin works with the Stallion SEO Ad Theme.


Note: the Hikari Titled Comments WordPress Plugin is also built into the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme and the Stallion Responsive Theme.