Comment on WordPress AdSense Themes by SEO Dave.

Google AdSense Ads Disabling one AdSense ad is really easy.

Load the adsense.php file in a text editor and down at the bottom are lines of text like:

$SingleAdLink = array(29,1,0,0,4);

Find the line related to the ad you want to disable and change the third number from 0 to 1

$SingleAdLink = array(29,1,1,0,4);

Save and upload over the original adsense.php file (or you could edit it online via the WordPress built in template editor).

You can see in the adsense.php file there’s a description for which each of the lines represent ad wise. The one I’ve listed above is the one you want to change.

You can also disable all ads. At the top of the file you’ll find:


change it to


And all ads will be turned off.