Forever Autumn WordPress SEO Theme version 3 was last tested on WordPress 3.1 and no issues found.

Update June 2014, the free Forever Autumn AdSense WordPress theme hasn’t been updated for around 6 years, have no plans to update it in the near future. If you are looking for a free AdSense WordPress theme use the Talian 5 AdSense theme, looking for a WP theme with AdSense, Chitika, Kontera, Infolinks and custom ads built in, plus awesome SEO features see the Stallion Responsive Premium theme (not free).

Consider Forever Autumn as an archived WP AdSense theme, will probably have issues with latest version of WordPress.

AdSense Ready WordPress Theme Forever Autumn

Forever Autumn is a 2 column WordPress theme with a flowery/pretty look for the ladies (I had to do one for the fairer sex :-)).

Forever Autumn with AdSense + SEO is now FREE

Download Forever Autumn with AdSense + SEO

I’ve worked as an SEO consultant for around 10 years and guarantee you will not find better search engine optimization WordPress themes (free or premium WordPress SEO theme) online today than my WordPress SEO themes.

I cut the images down a little from the original theme for AdSense optimization reasons, the header image area was so tall it pushed the content ad units below the fold and left a large content /image free gap near the top. Even now with the cut down header images there’s still a gap, but it’s an acceptable size now (IMO).

WordPress Forever Autumn theme with Google AdSense and SEO Optimisation

You can see the 250×250 and the top of the sidebar Google AdSense ad units in the screenshots below.

WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn Template

Forever Autumn with AdSense + SEO WP Installation Instructions

1. Unzip the Forever Autumn theme zip file.

2. Edit the file adsense.php within the /forever-autumn-adsense-seo-03/ folder to include your Google AdSense code (read the readme.txt file for more details, very easy to do).

Note: Adding your unique Google AdSense publisher code (your pub-##### number) is the ONLY required change needed to the entire Forever Autumn AdSense + SEO theme to make the theme ready to turn your WordPress blog into a Google AdSense residual income stream.

3. Upload the entire /forever-autumn-adsense-seo-03/ folder to your WordPress themes directory (via FTP, just like any other WordPress theme you’ve tried).

4. Log into your blogs dashboard and under Presentation select the new “Forever Autumn AdSense + SEO 03” WordPress theme and you are done.

The Forever Autumn AdSense + SEO theme out the box uses blended ad unit colours and large ad units for maximum CTR/AdSense revenue (like all WordPress AdSense ready themes on this site). If you wish to change unit colours and/or ad unit dimensions this can be achieved by editing just one file (adsense.php) in a text editor like Notepad or through the built in WordPress template editor.

Forever Autumn WordPress Theme Features

Targeted Google AdSense Coding
Very Rounded and Slightly Rounded AdSense ad unit borders
SEO Optimised code
Widget compatible
WordPress Tag compatibility

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