Below you will find the latest 40 comments posted to the site.

This discussion page is also an example of the Stallion Widgets Anywhere Feature: what you see in the “Latest Comments” box is a Stallion Responsive Widget that was added to a dynamic widget area and added to this post using a shortcode that is as simple as pasting:

<div class="sidebar-box">[stallion_widget_any id=swa3]</div>

Into a Post: The above is exactly what I pasted to generate the Latest Comments widget below. The div with class sidebar-box is to use the same styling (same CSS) formatting as a widget on the side menus.

You can also use the Google Custom Search Box below to quickly find articles AND comments on a subject:

The above searches everything Google has indexed here.

By adding the Latest Comments widget on it’s own stand alone page rather than on a sitewide sidebar (used to have it on the sidebar) we can add significantly more of the recent comments: weeks worth rather than days. Above I’ve added 40 recent comments with 80px wide gravatars and an excerpt of up to 40 words. When I had the widget on a sidebar had to take into account performance and SEO issues and had the widget set to 5 recent comments, 40px wide gravatars and an excerpt of 10 words.

The smaller widget I had sitewide ‘cost’ 5 database queries (one for each comment) on every page of the site, loaded 5 sitewide text links and 5 images (gravatars) had to load, plus the 50ish words of text.

The larger widget added to this page ‘costs’ 40 database queries, 40 text links and 40 images and up to 1,600 words of text, BUT only on this one page. I could add more recent comments, 50, 60, 100… and more or less excerpt text, make the gravatars bigger or smaller and it will only impact this one page.

User experience wise, users gain an additional 35 recent comments, more related text, but have to come to this page to access the recent comments.

And because Stallion Responsive is so versatile I can add another Stallion Anywhere Widget area and add a “Most Commented Articles” widget as well listing the posts with the most comments. With this widget I’m using similar settings to the last widget, but 30 posts, only thumbnails and excerpts for the first 5.


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