No longer developing the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme V7 (no longer selling new V7 licenses). If you are a V7 or earlier user you can download the latest zip file Stallion 7.1.1 zip file and free V7 child themes (see comments for zip file links) and they will work with your Stallion V6/V7 ID associated with your order email address.

Stallion V7 is out of date SEO wise, in particular lacks responsive and performance SEO features (these are very important in 2014). There won’t be any new updates after 7.1.1, but the theme still works and you can ask for support via the comments (please state you are a V7 user).

If you want the very best WordPress SEO I have a new SEO package Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package V8 which includes all important V7 SEO features and new mobile responsive and performance SEO features (and other new SEO features).

Stallion Responsive is a new SEO package, there aren’t any discounts to Stallion 7 users.

WordPress SEO Child Themes

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme (in this case the parent theme is Stallion WordPress SEO 7.1.1), and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme without editing the parent themes files.

The above is derived from the WordPress description of what a child theme is/does, Stallion WordPress SEO is more advanced than your average WordPress theme that works with child themes. WordPress is designed to use a child themes template files rather than the parents template files. If the parent theme and the child theme both have a header.php template file the child theme header.php file will be used and the parent theme’s template file will never be used.

This allows WordPress users the ability to modify a theme without editing the original (parent) themes files making future updates less painful.

WordPress by default doesn’t have this ability for all theme files, only recognised template files like header.php, footer.php, categories.php and the style.css file (the main themes files), if a parent theme includes additional php files a child theme won’t by default override them (it’s a bit of a pain with some themes to override built in code).

Most decent WordPress themes include custom php files, css files, images etc… which means with the standard WordPress child theme concept it’s not easy to override most files built into a parent theme.

Download a free >Example Stallion WordPress SEO Child Theme

Stallion 7.1.1 is different, over 95% of files in Stallion WordPress SEO 7.1.1 can be easily overwrote by a child theme just by adding the files to the child themes folder (no additional coding involved, it couldn’t be easier).

For example Stallion includes various built in plugins like a modified version of the All In One SEO Pack Plugin (under /wp-content/themes/stallion-seo-theme/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/) all a Stallion Child Theme developer or Stallion theme user has to do to use a modified version of Stallion’s All In One SEO’s code with their own modifications is create a Stallion Child Theme (download a free Example Stallion Child Theme) and copy the folder /all-in-one-seo-pack/ into the child themes folder (if you use the example child theme the folder is /wp-content/themes/stallion-child-example/) to /wp-content/themes/stallion-child-example/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/ edit the relevant files within the folder to your needs and activate the Stallion Child Theme.

Your site will use the files under /wp-content/themes/stallion-seo-theme/ (parent theme folder) except for the files you added to the child themes folder /wp-content/themes/stallion-child-example/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/.

This concept works with almost all php files, exceptions are files under /stallion-seo-theme/ad_includes/ (these files are part of the activation system and shouldn’t be edited) and under /stallion-seo-theme/ files starting ttk*.php, these files are the Stallion options pages, only one of these files can be overwrote ttk_child_functions.php (you will find this file within the example child theme zip file, it holds all child theme options, very important file). All other php files can be overwrote via a child theme.

All important css files can be overwrote, the css files related to the layout and colour schemes are found under /stallion-seo-theme/colors/ just copy a file to /wp-content/themes/stallion-child-example/colors/ and the child theme will use that file, if you copy over a colour file also copy over it’s corresponding image folder found under /stallion-seo-theme/colors/images. For example if you planned to edit the Delicate colour scheme you would copy over and modify style-delicate.css and the folder /stallion-seo-theme/colors/images/delicate/ to /stallion-child-example/colors/images/delicate/.

The zipped Example Stallion Child Theme includes a complete Stallion Theme directory structure with blank index.php files for basic security (stops visitors viewing what’s inside those folders) so it’s easier to copy and paste single Stallion files into a child theme.

Stallion Child Themes Store

Stallion Child Theme Business Banners

Stallion includes a lot of built in colour schemes (27) and a heck of a lot of images: 40 original Stallion header images, 7 Stallion 2011 Header Image Sets (56 images), 13 rotating banner image sets (130 images) and 5 random thumbnail sets (50 images).

Purchase Stallion Child Themes from the new Stallion SEO Child Themes Store and add even more Stallion colour schemes and image sets in a variety of niches to your websites**

Child themes now free, see comments for links.

Develop a Stallion Child Theme

Stallion Child Theme Cooking Thumbnails
A Stallion child theme only requires the following files:

style.css – CSS file holds info about the child theme
ttk_child_functions.php – Options file, holds all child theme options

The example child theme zip file includes

style.css – CSS file holds info about the child theme
ttk_child_functions.php – Options file, holds all child theme options
functions-child.php – An empty php file for holding php code you might add to functions.php
screenshot.png – Screenshot
timthumb.php – By having the Timthumb.php script here the thumbnail cache folder will be under the child theme folder which means when you update core Stallion you won’t have to set the cache folders permissions again (try permissions 755, 775 or 777).

I’ve also included every folder that’s within main Stallion so it’s easier to copy over images and files to modify. All folder include a blank index.php file for basic security (stops people viewing the contents of a folder online).

If you are a WordPress theme developer or a Stallion Theme customer making their own child themes you can use the Example Stallion Child Theme zip file to develop Stallion Child Themes for personal use or to sell (sell them, give them away, I don’t mind). The only limitation is on the example image sets, if you leave the Example Images within your Stallion Child Theme leave the relevant copyright notices intact. If you remove the example images feel free to remove the copyright notices.

For child themes you plan to sell or give away do not copy copyright images from the main Stallion Theme zip file, they can not be included as part of a child theme you plan to sell or give away (copy whatever you like over for personal use, that’s what child themes are for), exception are GPL images like the TwentyEleven headers etc…

For child themes you plan to sell I do recommend adding copyright notices for images you add even if they are public domain images (an image you make from a public domain image is a derivative work and you own the copyright to that derivative work) or you’ve taken them from a GPL source like a theme from the WordPress Theme Repository (let users know where they came from so they know what they can legally use them for). If you own the copyright adding a basic copyright notice informs the users they have limited rights of use (like they can’t sell them).

Because of how child themes work you have to copy some Stallion images, css files and js files to the child theme if a feature you wish to modify uses those files. For example if you use the Photonavigation menu feature and copy over the php files that are used by that feature (found under /stallion-seo-theme/imagemenu/) the images under /stallion-seo-theme/imagemenu/images/ need to be copied into the child themes folder as well (which is why they are part of the example child theme).

All Stallion main headers, header sets, banners and thumbnail sets can be overwrote simply by adding images with the same name to the child theme folder. Below are where the files are located in main Stallion.

/stallion-seo-theme/headers/ Headers and Header sets
/stallion-seo-theme/landscape/ Banner Sets
/stallion-seo-theme/thumbnails/ Random thumbnails Sets

With the headers each file like 1.jpg are checked to see if they exist within the child theme folder. With image sets the first image of a set is checked, if it’s found in the child theme folder Stallion assumes the entire set is present. So if you are looking to change just one image of say the Money 2011 Header Set (image-04.jpg for example) adding a modified version of image-04.jpg to the child theme folder /stallion-child-example/headers/money/ wouldn’t be enough, you would copy all images from /stallion-seo-theme/headers/money/ folder to the child theme folder and modify image-04.jpg

And that’s the basics of Stallion Child Themes. There’s quite a bit of information within the file /stallion-child-example/ttk_child_functions.php that explains how to and new Stallion option/function and override Stallion functions.

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