Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Child Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion Child Theme China Travel Banners The Example Stallion Child Theme can be used as is or changed to your needs, all depends on your plans.

Using on your own sites with no plans to create Stallion Child themes to sell or give away to others I see no reason to rename anything as long as it doesn’t bother you seeing Example when you log in etc… Nothing to gain or loose renaming anything other than gives you more work if you rename files etc… :-)

If you plan to create a unique Stallion Child Theme and want to sell it to others it’s highly recommended you rename the folder and the name of the child Theme from Example to something relevant.

On my Stallion Business Child Theme the folder name is


Since I’m the Stallion theme developer I’m not going to take into account what others call their child themes, I will be using the above format for all my child themes, ideally others who plan to sell child themes would use another format like if you planned to make a business niche child theme


I know I’ll never use that folder name and highly unlikely anyone else will, so if a customer bought multiple child themes from various sources there shouldn’t be a clash installing them all on one site.

If you used a format like the above you might name the child theme via the child themes style.css file

Theme Name: Stallion Delta Child Theme – Business
Theme Name: Stallion Child Theme – Delta Business

Name the relevant files and folders for images:


None of this is needed for a child theme only you plan to use. I’ve built my own for example with about a dozen image sets I plan to add to child themes I’ll be selling individually. The folder name for my personal child theme I’ve installed on almost all my sites


Renamed the style.css info to

Theme Name: Stallion Child Themes

And added to the Example Child Theme files, so the Example images and css file and folders are still there.

When I create more child themes I’ll add the extra files and settings to my personal Stallion child theme so all the theme colours, images sets etc… are available in one child theme for all my sites.

Some of my sites are using the Business niche 2011 header set, the business niche thumbnails set for the main thumbnails and a technology niche thumbnail image set (one I’ve not added to a child theme for sale yet) for one of the widgets thumbnails (Popular Articles Widget). Stallion child themes allows for mixing the images and colour schemes up a lot.