Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Child Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion Child Theme China Travel Banners If you mean use another WordPress theme with Stallion? No, you can only run one theme at a time.

In the next update (releasing soon) Stallion becomes a fully fledged WordPress FrameWork Theme which makes creating custom themes (Child themes) much easier to create and use. Stallion already has around 30 custom themes, each colour scheme is in effect a custom theme and if you understand CSS you can already create your own custom colour schemes. But it’s not easy to use, that feature is aimed at advanced users.

In the next Stallion release it will be easier, but you still need basic CSS skills. If you have the skills to edit CSS files and can create images you’d be able to create your own Child Themes, how good they’d be depends completely on your CSS and image creation skills.

I will be releasing an empty Stallion Child Theme for those looking to create Stallion child themes and create some Stallion child themes with new colours etc… as well (been making lots of banner, header and thumbnails sets).

I hope other WordPress theme developers will start creating Stallion Child Themes to sell. I think I’ve made creating a Stallion child theme far easier than seen with other WordPress Theme Frameworks (most files including php and image files can be replaced by a child theme file) and many of the core Stallion features will be usable with the child themes.

For example you could create say a Weight Loss Child theme with banners, headers, thumbnails aimed at the weight loss niche and the user could use the child themes new weight loss thumbnails etc… or Stallion core thumbails. Or use any of the Stallion colour schemes with the child themes images and everything inbetween.