Below are the latest and recently updated SEO articles. The list of SEO articles is completely automated, it’s built using the Stallion Responsive Theme: Widgets Anywhere Feature and the Stallion Responsive SEO Posts Widget with the built in Silo SEO options to only show posts from selected categories (only shows posts from categories related to SEO). Look below the list of SEO articles for more details.

Stallion Responsive Widgets Anywhere : allows us to add a widget anywhere within a WordPress Post or Static Page (this a WordPress Static Page). Activate Widgets Anywhere under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” : “Stallion Widgets Anywhere ON”.

When ON there’s a new menu under “Stallion Theme” >> “Widgets Anywhere” where you can quickly create widget areas to use anywhere. When active you automatically have 1 widgets anywhere widget areas active, it can be accessed like any other widget area under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” and is named “Stallion Anywhere Widget 1”.

Stallion Responsive Anywhere Widget Areas

Stallion Responsive Anywhere Widget Areas

Drop a widget into one of the Stallion Anywhere Widget areas to have that widget load anywhere you add the relevant shortcode. You’ll have a list of the shortcodes under “Stallion Theme” >> “Widgets Anywhere” the default one is:

Anywhere Widget Area 1

[stallion_widget_any id=swa1]

Simply copy this code into a WordPress Post or Page (see screenshot below of this Pages edit screen) and whatever you added to that widget area under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” will load inside the Post/Page.

Stallion Responsive Anywhere Widget Shortcode

Stallion Responsive Anywhere Widget Shortcode

I use this feature multiple times on this website and currently have 7 Stallion anywhere widget areas. These are the shortcodes I use.

[stallion_widget_any id=swa1]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa2]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa3]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa4]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa5]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa6]
[stallion_widget_any id=swa7]

On the Widgets Anywhere options page you set how many of these you want available. If you want 10, set 10.

The Recent Articles Widget above is in the “Stallion Anywhere Widget 6” and because I wanted the formatting to be the same as a sidebar widget I add a div with a relevant class so it uses the themes styling (CSS). This is the code I pasted into this Page.

<div class="sidebar-box">[stallion_widget_any id=swa6]</div>

It’s a really cool Stallion Responsive feature.

The actual widget added is the Stallion Responsive SEO Posts Widget. This widget is amazing, you can build popular, recent, recently modified and other post widgets with loads of options: for example thumbnails (choose alignment and sizes), excerpts and Silo SEO features.

I set the SEO posts widget to load up to 100 recently modified posts, all have text links, the first 10 loads a thumbnail (featured image with dimensions 200px by 200px) aligned to the right, the first 10 also loads a 65 word excerpt. The remaining links are just the text links (no thumbnail, no excerpt: it’s a widget option).

Silo SEO Widget Options

Silo SEO Widget Options

The Silo SEO feature is set to load only posts from a set of categories selected: I selected all categories about SEO (about 15 categories) and didn’t select the categories not about SEO (about 10 categories).

I get the most out of Stallion Responsive by using these awesome features together.

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