I wrote an SEO Tutorial some years ago (before using WP), the older search engine optimization tutorial is still very relevant, but like the rest of the world I moved on and now use WordPress as an SEO CMS.

Hence this free WordPress SEO guide.

WordPress SEO

WordPress out the box (vanilla WordPress with no WordPress SEO plugins or WordPress SEO theme) is pretty good from an SEO perspective, WordPress is a really good base SEO CMS for building optimized websites.

However, it is far from search engine optimized and it’s very easy to make on-page SEO mistakes within WordPress especially when using popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO and All In One SEO Pack.

All the popular WordPress SEO plugins with millions of users advise using nofollow and noindex both of which are SEO damaging!

If you are a users of the Yoast or All In One SEO Pack plugins see the rel nofollow tutorial, you could be deleting over half your PageRank/link benefit by using an SEO plugin with the wrong settings!

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Tutorial 2014 Many (possible most?) WP users wrongly believe any WordPress theme (Thesis or Genesis for example) with an SEO plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO or All in One SEO is all they need to achieve maximum search engine rankings.

I’m afraid you can not get maximum SEO from WordPress just by using a few WordPress SEO Plugins that changes the title tags and adds a few meta tags with a nice looking theme, you must use an entire WordPress SEO package like Stallion Responsive or have decent HTML/CSS/PHP skills to build your own SEO package.

If all you take away from my this WordPress course is go remove all your rel nofollow links and avoid using noindex (never use on categories or tags) you’ve taken a big step in the right direction SEO wise.

Best SEO Plugins

I’ve developed a couple of WordPress SEO plugins, although they are also part of the premium SEO theme I sell on this site these are free stand alone SEO plugins.

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin
The Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin is a replacement feature for those using the SEO damaging nofollow and noindex features of plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO and and All In One SEO.

All the plugin does is give an option to not index parts of a site without wasting link benefit/PR (doesn’t do title tags or meta tags).

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin
The WordPress SEO Comments Plugin converts your comments into Google SEO entry points to your site. I use the blog SEO comments feature on this site and it’s resulted in over 3,000 additional webpages indexed by Google, to see it in action view the comments below and look to the links from the bottom right hand corner of the larger comments.

The above are just two of dozens of SEO features built into the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme Package.

Also writing a Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial section to the site since there are so many WordPress SEO Yoast users.

WordPress SEO Training

WordPress Permalinks SEO : WordPress has the ability to set different formats for your WordPress posts URLs, in this SEO tutorial we cover the best WordPress permalink settings….

WordPress SEO Permalinks Guide

WordPress Site Title SEO : The WordPress Site Title Tag is very important for SEO, it’s set under your WordPress Dashboard “Settings” >> “General” : “Site Title”. What we add here will probably be added to the end of your Google SERPs titles, so it’s important to get it right…

WordPress Site Title Tag SEO Training

WordPress Title Tag Optimization : When it comes to on-page search engine optimization there is no other single area of a webpage more important than the title tag. For this reason we have to make sure our title elements are search engine optimized when using WordPress, in this section of the tutorial we go into how to build the perfect title tags…

WordPress Title Tag SEO Tutorial

WordPress Meta Tags Optimization : This subject is a bit of an SEO joke in 2014 since Google doesn’t even use these meta tags for ranking purposes, so in some respects optimizing these meta tags is a of a waste of time. That being said lots of SEO consultants tout various services to optimize meta tags and so I have to cover it here so at least others know not to waste money on SEO services that indicate they will improve your Google rankings using meta tags…

HTML Meta Tags Tutorial

Categories and Tags WordPress SEO Training : Best way to use WordPress is minimal categories/tags, majority of WordPress posts go in only one category (I don’t use tags because there’s no difference between a WordPress Tag and a WordPress Category). Understanding this SEO guide can help build SEO silo link structures quickly…

WordPress Categories SEO Training

WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow : Many websites use the rel nofollow tag to prevent PageRank/link benefit from passing through links (AKA PageRank Sculpting), some of the most popular blog platforms and content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla automatically add nofollow links without webmaster interaction. Nofollow causes serious SEO damage, in this section of our SEO tutorial we cover how nofollow causes SEO damage…

Rel Nofollow Deletes PageRank

WordPress Anchor Text SEO Guide : The anchor text of links is very important to Google search engine rankings, over the years as their algorithm has developed it’s importance has shifted, but it is still very importance for SEO 2014. In this section of the WordPress SEO course we look at how to effectively use anchor text…

Anchor Text SEO Course

WordPress Alt Text SEO Techniques : Alt text associated with images is very important SEO wise, Google uses it to associate SEO ranking to the image and to the page the link is on. By using simple search engine optimization techniques we can use optimized images to improve web search rankings…

Search Engine Optimized Alt Text in WordPress

WordPress Silo SEO : For those not familiar with the SEO silo concept, in a nutshell you try to theme or niche every part of a site to a specific content niche so as many of the elements on each webpage support THAT web pages SERPs NOT the site as a whole or other sections of the website…

SEO Silo Structure

WordPress SEO Canonical URLs : WordPress has the potential to mess up your websites SEO by generating archive pages (home archives, monthly archives, daily calendar archives, categories, tags and search results) with duplicate content…

WordPress SEO Canonical URLs

WordPress SEO 301 Redirects : A permanent 301 redirect informs search engines and browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer etc…) a page has permanently moved to a new location. A visitor to a website visiting via a link that’s been 301 redirected will click a link with one URL, but load another URL…

WordPress SEO Google XML Sitemaps : I’ve been building web sites and generating masses of free Google search engine traffic for over 10 years, in that time I’ve built the best WordPress SEO Theme available online and made tons of money, yet I’ve never generated or used a Google XML Sitemap…

WP Google XML Sitemap

WordPress SEO Related Posts Plugins : WordPress by default does not include the ability to automatically link related posts together. It’s unfortunate because the vast majority of Related Post WordPress Plugins I’ve tested (tested a LOT) get it wrong, not from an SEO perspective per se (most aren’t great SEO wise, but they are OK), but inefficient in the way they generate the related posts (poor PHP coding/database management) which is a performance SEO problem…

WordPress SEO Related Posts

WordPress SEO Package

WordPress SEO is how I make a living online, used to provide SEO services (SEO consultant for over 10 years) and used to help make online businesses a lot of a money (millions of dollars) from Google organic search engine traffic and made a lot of money working as an SEO expert, but I knew I would do even better putting what I know into action on my own network of websites: over 100+ WordPress sites what many in Internet marketing call a Private Blog Network.

Why make others money using my SEO knowledge when I can make it myself.

WordPress SEO Package

Over the past decade or so I’ve put what I’ve discovered about on-page search engine optimization into a WordPress SEO package called Stallion Responsive, I use the SEO package on my own WordPress blog network (including this website).

If you want the best SEO theme for WordPress take a good look at Stallion Responsive and use this free WP SEO course to get the most out of on page SEO.

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