Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Erik.

WordPress SEO Excellent answer Dave. I have begun reducing tag pages.

I think part of my problem is that I have only 8 categories, and 1200+ posts.
The smallest category contains 40 posts, while the largest, very generic category has over 400. These are all currently displaying just 10 posts per page, so you are getting some categories that go for 40 pages or more into the abyss.

Is the answer to create numerous new category pages to split these out? I could probably come up with suitable new categories using keywords, and reassign posts from these big categories to the new categories.

This would have the effect of adding a lot of category links in my sidebar widget (thus reducing link benefit to other links I’ve deemed important).

But I suppose it would distribute link benefit more deeply through the site (on your advice from this previous discussions) I don’t display tags in any site-wide widget so benefit is not flowing in that manner).

A second issue then is deciding how many posts to display per category/tag page.
It looks like there are plugins or other hacks that can be used to display a specific number of posts per page (I’d like to keep my main index page just showing the standard 10, but increase the tags/categories).

Is there an upper limit for how many posts should be displayed on a page?
I realize you might not have a specific answer, but is it reasonable to have a category page with, say, 50 or more post excerpts on a single page?

Many thanks