Naruto Strikes Back WordPress SEO Theme version 3 was last tested on WordPress 3.1 and no issues found.

Update June 2014, the free Naruto Strikes Back AdSense WordPress theme hasn’t been updated for around 5 years, have no plans to update it in the near future. If you are looking for a free AdSense WordPress theme use the Talian 5 AdSense theme, looking for a WP theme with AdSense, Chitika, Kontera, Infolinks and custom ads built in, plus awesome SEO features see the Stallion Responsive Premium theme (not free).

Consider Naruto Strikes Back as an archived WP AdSense theme, will probably have issues with latest version of WordPress.

AdSense Ready WordPress Theme Naruto Strikes Back

My youngest son wanted me to SEO optimise and add AdSense to the Naruto Strikes Back WordPress theme for one of his websites The Big Feature (one of the reasons I don’t pay my kids pocket money, they get the AdSense income from their sites). After a couple of months of nagging me :-) I finally gave in and did the Naruto Strikes Back conversion (he better clean his room for at least two weeks for this :-)).

Not the sort of blog design I’d normally use on one of my sites, never liked themes with large logo headers, but I’m sure many people (especially young people) will like this WordPress theme. Added some more features, RSS post comment feeds for example so this is a fully functioning theme with all the SEO and AdSense bells and whistles.

Naruto Strikes Back with AdSense + SEO is now FREE

Download Naruto Strikes Back with AdSense + SEO

WordPress Naruto Strikes Back theme with Google AdSense and SEO Optimisation

The screenshots are of a Naruto Strikes Back Theme Test Site which I used to edit the Naruto Strikes Back templates (may not be using it forever). You can see the Google AdSense ad units in the screenshots below, a 250×250 ad unit that floats to the right at the top of the content of the first post ONLY, a sidebar ad unit 250×250 and a bottom (not quite footer) AdSense ad unit 336×280.

The first screenshot of the Naruto Strikes Back AdSense + SEO theme shows the home page format. You can clearly see the floating first post AdSense ad unit.

WordPress Naruto Strikes Back Theme

Note: with the version 03 Naruto Strikes Back WordPress AdSense + SEO theme the ad unit sizes are easily editable, so if 250×250 AdSense unit within the first posts content is too big in your opinion, it’s easily changed. We’ve included an extra file (found in the /alt/ folder of your Naruto Strikes Back theme directory) that will change all your ad units to less intrusive sizes, giving you two default sizes (large or small) that can either be used as is or edited further to match your blogging needs (full editing instructions are supplied with your WordPress theme purchase).

The second screenshot shows a single blog post page using the Naruto Strikes Back theme, this is where individual posts are shown (like the page you are reading now). You can see the bottom of floating ad unit again, the top of the sidebar 250×250 ad unit on the right menu and the large 336×280 ad unit at the bottom.

WordPress Naruto Strikes Back Theme Post

In my experience it’s the blog post pages that will create most Google AdSense revenue, especially the 250×250 square unit within the main blog post content (it’s a real hot AdSense CTR area and if you want max AdSense revenue keep it at 250×250).

Naruto Strikes Back with AdSense + SEO Installation Instructions

Naruto Strikes Back with AdSense + SEO is now FREE

1. Unzip the Naruto Strikes Back zip file.

2. Edit the file adsense.php within the /naruto-strikes-back-adsense-seo-03/ folder to include your Google AdSense code (read the readme.txt file for more details, very easy to do).

Note: Adding your unique Google AdSense publisher code (your pub-##### number) is the ONLY required change needed to the entire Naruto Strikes Back AdSense + SEO theme to make the theme ready to turn your WordPress blog into a Google AdSense residual income stream.

3. Upload the entire /naruto-strikes-back-adsense-seo-03/ folder to your WordPress themes directory (via FTP, just like any other WordPress theme you’ve tried).

4. Log into your blogs dashboard and under Presentation select the new “Naruto Strikes Back AdSense + SEO 03” WordPress theme and you are done.

The Naruto Strikes Back AdSense + SEO theme out the box uses blended ad unit colours and large ad units for maximum CTR/AdSense revenue (like all WordPress AdSense themes on this site). If you wish to change unit colours and/or ad unit dimensions this can be achieved by editing just one file (adsense.php). If you don’t like the 250×250 sized ad unit for example, no problem a few minor changes and you could have a smaller 180×150 ad unit. Don’t like image ads, again no problem specify text only ads. Also checkout the /alt/ folder where you will find an alternative adsense.php file that uses smaller ad unit sizes (try it out, see what you think).

Search Engine Optimization and WordPress Themes

Most WordPress themes aren’t too bad SEO wise when downloaded directly from their original creators, but there are always improvements that can be made for maximum SEO impact and the Naruto Strikes Back theme was no different.

The Naruto Strikes Back AdSense + SEO theme (like all WordPress themes on this site) includes-

Optimized title elements (and meta tags, though meta tags aren’t very important these days). Take a look at the title of this page, (this site uses a Targeted AdSense + SEO WordPress themes) note it’s keyword rich and lacks the name of the site (for SEO reasons).

Optimised headers, (H1, H2, H3, H4) for example on blog post pages like this one the name of the blog is NOT within a H1 header, (every WP theme I’ve used has a H1 header that holds a link to home page). Instead the title of the post for Naruto Strikes Back theme users is within the H1 header and the link to home is only a H1 header on pages that lack a true keyword focus like the monthly archive pages.

Optimised anchor text of text links and rel=nofollow links to unimportant pages (from an SEO perspective) like the trackback and RSS feed pages (those links waste a LOT of PR/link benefit). Every blog post can have a trackback text link and an RSS feed text link, this means for a blog with 100 posts there are two hundred wasted links to these 200 pages that from an SEO perspective you DO NOT want spidering/indexing!! The Naruto Strikes Back theme adds rel=nofollow to these trackback and RSS feed links saving a LOT of SEO benefits and preventing some SERPs issues that can occur with these pages.

Support for the Free WordPress SEO Plugins on this site.

Basically optimised everything I could which makes the WP themes on this site the most optimised WordPress themes online.

WordPress Features within Naruto Strikes Back

2.3 tag support (WordPress 2.3 compatible).

Support for the WordPress addons-

Popularity Contest (menu links)
Post Teaser
Related Posts
Recent Comments (menu links)
Recent Posts (menu links)

Install the addons from our WordPress addons section and they will work with little to few configuration changes (most work with no changes needed). For maximum traffic and AdSense revenue installing these addons is strongly recommended.

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