Comment on Naruto Strikes Back AdSense WP Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Naruto Strikes Back Theme Ripoff :-), did you even read this page or did you just assume I’m passing this WordPress theme off as my own work ONLY?

I don’t pretend to be the first author of this theme, what I did was download the free Naruto Strikes Back WordPress theme and completely rewrite the code behind it (about 90% my code, 100% original images).

This results in a theme that pretty much looks the same (because of the images) as the original free Naruto Strikes Back theme BUT now is AdSense ready and includes the best (by far) SEO coding found in a WordPress theme ANYWHERE (guaranteed).

If you don’t want to buy Naruto Strikes Back with AdSense and SEO included I don’t have a problem with that, go download and use the free version of Naruto Strikes Back WordPress theme and if you want it SEO’d/AdSense added, add it yourself like I did.

Maybe you could spend your valuable time creating an AdSense ready version of Naruto and give it away for free. good luck with that Ripoff :)

David Law