The Stallion version of the SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin is built directly into the Stallion Responsive Theme and the Stallion WordPress SEO theme (doesn’t need installing like a WordPress Plugin) and is a highly modified version of the Comments WordPress SEO Plugin which is an updated version of the Prelovac SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin (phew, that was a lot of plugin explanations).

It’s easily activated under the “Stallion Theme” >> “Advanced SEO Options” page.

No other WordPress theme has the set of WordPress SEO features described below.

Prelovac SEO Super Comments WordPress SEO Plugin

The original Prelovac SEO Super Comments WordPress SEO Plugin (no feature updates for years) turns all WordPress comments into WordPress post like pages (they are similar to a WordPress post but lack comments and use a comment as the body of the post) and used the title of the original post for the title tag of the comment post.

This is a very good idea for a WordPress SEO plugin for a site with a lot of comments, but there was no way to optimize the title element (title tag) of the comment posts and if a comment was a single word comment it would still generate a comment post (that’s far from ideal)!

The original SEO Super Comments plugin also broke when WordPress incorporated canonical URL support into WordPress core, basically the comment posts had a canonical URL back to the original post meaning Google didn’t index them. I built a new version of the plugin at Comments WordPress SEO Plugin which works with any theme (not needed for Stallion theme users).

The built in Stallion SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin is a major improvement over the original SEO Super Comments plugin and fixes the canonical URL issue and adds new features, for examples works with the Stallion Comment Titles.

Stallion SEO Super Comments

Under “Stallion Theme” >> “Advanced SEO Options” page you will find the following options related to SEO Super Comments:

WordPress SEO Super Comments

Stallion SEO Super Comments Plugin SEO Comments ON/SEO Comments OFF
When ON the SEO Super Comments for Stallion (installed with the theme) will be activated and your larger comments will generate Post like pages in their own right potentially generating more search engine traffic.

Comment Posts Size
Set the number of characters for a comment to be considered a comment post (default 400). If a comment has more than this number of characters there will be a link at the bottom of the comment going to the comment post.

Comment Posts Title Element Size Automated Title Tag Size
Set the number of words for a Super Comments Title Element (Title Tag) when NO Hikari Comment Title is set by the commenter. The Title Element (Title Tag) is the title from the “Hikari Comment Titles Plugin” (see later) and an excerpt from the comment. This setting is the number of words from the comments excerpt when NO Hikari Comment Title is set. When a Hikari Comment title is set the next setting is used.

Comment Posts Title Element Size 2
As above, but this number is used for SEO Super Comments that DO have an Hikari Comment Title set. The idea is to set this number lower than the previous setting because the title tag will include the Hikari Comment Title AND the comment excerpt (potentially a very long title tag). If you only want the Hikari Comment Title used set this to 0.

More Comments by Author
Set the number of “More Comments by Author” on the Super Comments Pages (default 5).

More Comments Excerpt Length
Set the number of words for “More Comments by Author” excerpts on the Super Comments Pages (default 40).

Paged Comments Excerpts Paged Comments Excerpt ON/Paged Comments Excerpt OFF
When the setting “Break comments into pages with” under “Settings >> Discussion” is active, posts with lots of comments are spread over multiple pages with each page having a copy of the main posts full content. This has potential duplicate content issues, setting “Paged Comments Excerpt ON” above replaces the full content of the posts with an excerpt on Paged Comments so only the main posts has the full content.

Hikari Comment Titles Plugin Hikari Comment Titles ON/Hikari Comment Titles OFF
When ON this adds an extra form field to your comments where you and your visitors can set a title for comments. With a little thought you can add relevant keywords to your users comments via this title. The comment title is also used by the Stallion SEO Super Comments Plugin to SEO the titles of comment pages. The idea is to keep an eye on your visitors comments and if they don`t add a decent keyword rich comment title, you edit the comment and add one yourself to gain more SEO traffic.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments

When turned on your larger comments generate a link (bottom right corner of a comment) to the SEO super comments pages, if you use the settings in the screenshot above comments with at least 400 characters of text will generate the super comment link, smaller comments (one word comments for example) will NOT be linked to (they still exist, but no link benefit wasted on them).

WordPress Blog SEO Comments

The screenshot above shows an SEO Super Comment page output, the comment is about a meme generator plugin I was working on for a joke site, gave the comment a title Best Meme Generator WordPress Plugin (this links directly to the blog SEO super comment page) and currently (May 2014) the super comment page is number one in Google for the search phrase Best Meme Generator WordPress Plugin.

WordPress SEO Comments SERP

It’s also top 5 for the more competitive Meme Generator WordPress Plugin and Meme Generator Plugin, plus top 10 for Meme Plugin.

The above Google SERPs would not exist without the Stallion Responsive Theme SEO features: blog SEO comments + comment titles working together. The comment was made on the Stallion Responsive Theme salespage, no way it would rank for the SERPs above if I used another WordPress theme.

The Stallion SEO Super Comments plugin built in support for the Stallion Comment Title plugin (the plugin is built into Stallion, activated from the “Stallion Theme” >> “Advanced SEO Options” page).

The Comment Title plugin adds the option for you and your commenter’s to add a relevant title to comments (you can see it in action in the comments below). This comment title is used by the Stallion SEO Super Comments plugin as the title element (title tag) of the comment posts.

This means you can SEO the title element of the super comment posts and in my experience this can generate a nice chunk of search engine traffic from long tail SERPs you’ve not covered in your main posts. You can see from th example above you would not expect a page about a WordPress Theme to rank well for WordPress Meme Plugin SERPs.

The SEO super comments pages are fully search engine opmized, the anchor text from and to the original WordPress post is SEO’d: so the link FROM the original post helps the SEO super comments page and the link BACK from the SEO super comments page helps the original post.

For example all the larger comments on the page you are reading now will have a link to super comment pages with unique their unique comment titles as the anchor text. Since anchor text is more important SEO wise than standard body text, by adding related comment titles it improves this posts on page Hummingbird SEO: Hummingbird is Google’s latest search engine algorithm and it likes varied anchor text.

On the actual comment post is a link back to the corresponding WordPress post using a derivative of the title of the post as anchor text, so each comment post results in a backlink using relevant anchor text to the original WordPress post as well.

Stallion includes built in Featured Image and Auto Thumbnails support, if this is activated via the Stallion options page and the original post has a featured image, any image or a YouTube video the SEO super comments pages related to the posts will also have the same thumbnail. The thumbnails use the original posts title as the alt attribute text (helps with SEO).

WordPress Recent Comments

An SEO super comment page by a commenter with multiple comments will show an excerpt of their most recent comments with a link with relevant anchor text to the comment, see screenshot below.

WordPress Recent Comments

If you use a Related Posts Plugin it will probably load on the SEO super comments pages.

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