Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Stallion Responsive doesn’t approve comments automatically, there’s a WordPress core feature (available to all WordPress users) that you can turn on under Settings > Discussions that you can automatically approve all comments, but it’s not a good idea, you’ll get comment SPAM. I would assume those 80 odd comments requiring moderation aren’t all good comments, some will be SPAM.

Stallion does have options to deal with some comment SPAM under Stallion Theme > SEO Advanced Options : Comment SPAM Features…, but like all comment SPAM plugins/features it’s not perfect, so always best to have some manual checking. I have the 5 Stallion comment SPAM features turned on and under the Settings > Discussions options I have it set to:

Before a comment appears –
Comment must be manually approved – unticked
Comment author must have a previously approved comment – ticked

This means new commenters are held for moderation if they passed the 5 Stallion Responsive SPAM checks first and the site owner has to manually approve the comments. After a comment has one comment approved the rest go through automatically: your comment went through automatically for example because you’ve had a comment approved previously.

The Stallion comment titles have to be set by your commenters or the site owner/admin, otherwise there would be no point having them. Take a look at the comment titles on this post, the comment just above yours have titles:

Indexing WP SEO Comments Pages
Changing Minimum Comment Size
Set WordPress Comments On

These are set by commenters and me, these add valuable keywords/keyphrases that will help generate more search engine traffic. If all the comment titles where added automatically they’d be similar and add little to the SEO of this set of comment pages. There is a backup for when comment titles aren’t set, Stallion Responsive will use the first X words from a comment for title tags, X is set under Stallion Theme > SEO Advanced Options : Comment Posts Title Element Size. I have it set to 12 words, but I always manually add comment titles if a commenter didn’t add one.

This assumes you’ve turned the comment titles feature on under Stallion Theme > SEO Advanced Options : Hikari Comment Titles ON.