Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Erik.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Hi Dave, are you aware of any issue with the Stallion SEO recent comments widget and the latest version of WordPress?

I just updated to 4.4 and now that widget seems to be behaving strangely. No other changes were made.

There seem to be 2 issues:

1 – Basically, it shows the most recent comment author as the comment author for all 10 recent comments (though it still lists the correct post name). If you leave a fresh comment with different author name, it changes all 10 recent comments author names to that name.

2 – Also, each of the 10 recent comments link back to the most recent comment, not to the actual comments they are supposed to link to (in other words, all 10 links go back to the single most recently-posted comment).

You can see what I mean here, I’ve moved the recent comments widget down to the bottom of the left sidebar:

Thanks for any help you can provide.