Comment on Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme by SEO Dave.

Stallion WordPress SEO Package I’ve decided I’m awesome at SEO and dangerous with PHP: know enough PHP to do some serious damage :-)

Bought a meme generator WordPress plugin ($20) and adapting it to work exactly how I want SEO wise and though not finished when complete the meme posts will automatically have a Stallion featured thumbnail and use all 5 of the Stallion Responsive related keyphrases (and the original WordPress title).

If someone creates a meme (the plugin allows site users to create meme images) with the title “Grumpy Cat” the plugin in combination with Stallion responsive will automatically link to the new WordPress post (the meme plugin creates a new WordPress post) with links with anchor text something like:

Grumpy Cat Funny Meme
Funny Grumpy Cat Meme
Funny Meme Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat Meme
Grumpy Cat Meme Image
Meme Photo Grumpy Cat

Some of the above would also be used within the WordPress post.

Planning to use the plugin on humor sites, hence the funny reference, not decided on the exact phrases to target yet (not done the keyword research). Might even add loads more derivatives and add a random element to what the precise keyphrases used are. So though there’s 6 places (original main title and 5 keyphrases from Stallion) I could set say 20 different derivatives of the above types of phrases (relevant keywords before, after or surrounding the original title) and when a new meme is generated the 6 chosen phrases are randomized so even if two people create the same named title the output is unique.

Will also add the obvious SEO optimization as well, optimized filenames, optimized alt text etc…

All the SEO will be automated, the creator of the meme would choose a title for the meme (used as the original WordPress title), set the meme text (as all meme creators work) and the Stallion Responsive code I’ve added to the meme generator plugin will work automatically with Stallion to achieve full on Hummingbird level SEO.

Probably be the best search engine optimized meme creator sites online yet the original meme plugin lacked even basic SEO, didn’t even have alt text added to the image.

The only Achilles heal to this concept is relying on users to set a relevant meme title, from experience of comment titles users tend not to set particularly good ones. A grumpy cat meme that’s about hate might be called something like “Grumpy Cat Hates All”, you might get a title set by users as just cat or hate or something irrelevant like LOL.

David Law