Comment on Comments WordPress SEO Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin Stallion Responsive doesn’t turn comments on or off other than via some WordPress page templates (some Stallion page templates don’t have comments within the code).

It’s a WordPress core settings under “Settings” >> “Discussion” you’ve probably unticked.

If you’ve been running a site with “Allow people to post comments on new articles” unticked all your posts and pages will have comments disabled.

You can either turn them on one by one by editing a post/page and under “Discussion” tick “Allow Comments”.

Note: If the Discussion form is missing you might have to turn it on, see top right hand corner of a post while editing and click the “Screen Options” button and tick “Discussions”: here you can enable/disable what to show on your edit post screen. For example I never use Tags, so I untick Tags.

Or if you have a lot of posts with comments turned off and don’t fancy manually editing dozens of posts, go to “Posts” on the left menu. If you have a lot of posts to edit again click “Screen Options” and change the number of Posts to show, I set to 50, if you go higher than 50 and your hosting isn’t decent it can cause issues when bulk editing (next step).

Tick the “Title” box and this will select all the posts shown on the page (50 if you changed the setting above, if not will be 10 at a time).

Under “Bulk Actions” set “Edit” and click “Apply”.

Change the “Comments” option to “Allow” and click “Update”.

All the posts that were selected will have comments enabled.

Note: Pings have no SEO value, actually damaging if you allow them with the wrong settings so suggest not enabling Pings.

For a large site you’ll need to repeat this for multiple pages of posts. A site with 500 posts would with 50 posts per page require 10 “Bulk Actions” set “Edit”….. to edit all posts.

Do similar to the “Pages” screen on the left menu.

BTW When writing comments whatever you add to the comment title is used as the Stallion SEO Super Comments page title tag. You’ve been starting all your comment titles with “Hi David”… which if I didn’t manually edit them (your last comment I changed the comment title to “How to turn WordPress Comments On?” would mean I’d have pages optimized on this site for “Hi David…”!

Some of your comments with the comment titles I’ve added are ranking high in Google for long tail SERPs.

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Check this Google SERP

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Note the first image result :-) that’s because your avatar image from Gravatar is cache on this site (another Stallion performance SEO feature).

Since you’ll have this same issue with comments turned on with your websites (assuming you use the Stallion SEO Super Comments feature and comment titles on) you should practice now thinking up unique and relevant comment titles when commenting here. You will find yourself manually editing a lot of your user comments comment titles as many commenter tend not to add anything useful SEO wise.

For a well commented site getting the comment titles right is really important. This post is about a Comments WordPress SEO Plugin so I want the comment titles to mostly support that and related SERPs. The comment title for this comment is “How to Turn WordPress Comments On Sitewide” which support this posts main SERPs via the two words “WordPress Comments”. We also have a useful phrase part “How to”, lots of searches look for things via “How to …” so will help with SERPs like “How to SEO Comments”, “How to SEO WordPress Comments”….