Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by Erik.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Just a question about what happens when you increase the super comment minimum size, say from 400 to 600 characters, which then naturally eliminates those smaller (less than 600 character in this example) super comment pages. What happens to these old super comment pages?

I understand they are dynamically generated. I find when I click on these old links which I can still find indexed, it of course no longer takes me to the super comment page, but simply takes me to the top of that comment’s parent page, but under the super comment url (ie, with the ?cid=### addendum on the end of the parent url). So essentially it looks like two urls representing the same page, the original parent url, and this old super comment url now simply taking me to the parent page (or in the case of a parent page with many super comments, it would be many urls representing that same page).

Does this have any SEO implications? Will this eventually resolve itself or is there some sort of action that needs to be taken on my part? I considered redirecting these old super comments pages somehow to the corresponding comment link on the parent page, but wasn’t sure that would be such a good idea.

Thanks for any ideas.