Comment on SEO Super Comments WordPress Plugin by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blog SEO Comments Comments are a default WordPress feature, so Stallion doesn’t turn them on/off completely, Stallion adds extra features to comments.

Looks like your settings have comments on now, but have they always been turned on under “Settings” >> “Discussions” or are these the settings you recently set?

If you recently turned WordPress comments on (used to be off), all your old posts and pages will still have comments disabled.

Edit a WordPress post that you want comments on, under “Discussion” is “Allow comments.” ticked? If not tells you what the problem is, currently all your posts are set comments off.

See How to Turn WordPress Comments On Sitewide if it is a case you currently have all comments off and want to turn them all on.

The default Stallion SEO Super Comments (what you have now) are probably best for most sites (unlikely you’ll need to modify).

The WordPress comments settings depends on the site, for a site with lots of small comments makes sense to have more comments per page than a site with large comments.

On this site the comments tend to be BIG, so I’ve set the number of comments per page to just 6, most sites I wouldn’t go that low, but I write long comments. There is an SEO benefit to spreading the comments over multiple pages, if you get a lot of comments on some posts and can spread them over 5 pages you get the full benefit from the Stallion keyphrases you’ve set on the post (go to my most popular posts and scroll through the comment pages to see the keyphrases in use).

Important settings.

Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep : tick : I set to 10

Break comments into pages with…. : tick : exact settings depends on site.

Other settings are up to you, depends on the site.