Created a short YouTube video tutorial showing the Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget that’s used to add custom content widgets one blog post at a time.

The WordPress Posts Widget can be used to add unique custom sidebar content to any WordPress Post or Static Page. Whatever is added to the widget (via the Edit Post pages) is only shown on that ONE post.

In the video I show how to add a couple of text links to webpages with similar content.

This theme feature could be used for selling text links or banner ads on individual blog posts sidebar areas etc…

Flexible Posts Widget

Flexible Posts WidgetThere’s an example custom posts widget on this page, look on the right sidebar between the Recent Comments widget and the RSS Feeds widget.

Currently it has a single text link to another Stallion tutorial about a Recent Posts widget: another Stallion Responsive Theme widget.

Because you can add code to this widget it’s very flexible, similar to a standard WP Text widget, but the content added will only load on one post. This means every WP post could have a custom widget like the one in the screenshot to the right.

Widget Code

I use it as a lazy way to quickly add text links to relevant content on other sites without having to look for or add relevant contextual content within the posts main content.

For SEO reasons it’s better to add contextual links (links within content), but sometimes you can’t edit the posts content without ruining it, so this very flexible widget is ideal for linking relevant posts together.

Below is a screenshot of the code I’ve added to the widget that is output on this pages WordPress Widget widget (the one on the right sidebar).

WordPress Widget Code

I could add a different set of links on another post, for example on the Recent Posts Widget I’ve added a similar custom widget that links to this post. Since the Stallion theme has other built in widgets as I create tutorials for those widgets I’ll add links to and from them to here and could add them to the right sidebar.

The Single Posts widget can be added to one widget area only. Go to “Appearance” >> “Widgets” find the “Stallion Single Posts Widget” and drag and drop it to one of the widget areas. Since this widget only loads on WordPress Posts and Pages (not on the home page, categories etc…) be sure to add it to a widget area that is used by Posts and Pages. In the screenshot below I’ve added it to one of the Sidebars which are used by posts and pages.

Single Posts Widget

Custom Posts Widget Video Tutorial

The site/post I added the custom Posts Widget to is Clickbank Affiliate Program article: after creating the video I moved the Clickbank article to this site, so it’s changed now.

This widget could also be used for adding an Aweber form to a single post.

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