Comment on Custom Posts Widget by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget If I understand correctly you want to use the Stallion SEO Posts Widget to grab a random post form a specific category, not any category and have ticked the category you want the random post to be selected from, but you are finding it still takes a random post from every category?

You’ve misunderstood what the Display Widget settings are there for. They have NO impact on what the widget generates, only where the widget is displayed (hence the feature name Display Widget). You can use the display settings to determine which sections of the site the widget will be displayed on, NOT which content a widget uses to generate the links.

Adding the option to choose a specific category to pull popular posts, recent posts etc… from is a feature I’m planning to try to add to that widget, but I’ve not started on the coding yet, so no guarantees if it will be the Stallion Responsive 8.1 update**, still want to get it out this month and have a LOT of new page templates and widget areas I want to build first to generate richer front pages etc…

**LOL after writing the above checked the widget and it does have the categories options I’m planning to add (forgot my own features :-)), but it doesn’t work. Will add a fix for 8.1, thanks for finding the bug.