Comment on Custom Posts Widget by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget You’ve added the Single Post Widget to a widget area: one of the left sidebars. Done…

You’ve edited a post and added something within the Single Post Widget box near the bottom of the page. Done…

Have you tried some simple text like “Testing this Widget Thingy”? This would rule out HTML errors in whatever you are adding as content.

Have you loaded the post you edited and checked if what you added is loading in that widget area including viewing the HTML source of the webpage and seeing if you can find the content you added?

If you can find the content in the code, but it’s not showing on the webpage would mean errors in YOUR content (the HTML content you added to the widget, not any theme modifications).

Which post did you edit and add the content to, remember this content will ONLY load for that one single post and you only told me the home page for your site, so I can’t check the post you edited (unless I check every post of your site).