Comment on Custom Posts Widget by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget Add a new Stallion Custom Ad Widget to the Right Sidebar (important it’s this widget area for the test).

Try it with a simple test, just add this text “Testing Widget” to the “Custom Ad Code:” form and try the three align settings.

Works right?

Delete the “Testing Widget” text and add these two lines to the widget:

To “Banner/Image URL:” add-

To “Ads Link URL:” add-

You’ll have a clickable image link to my home page.

Now test the alignment settings.

Works right?

The reason I chose the Right sidebar is it’s on the layout you are using over 300px wide and the image above is just 125px, so we have 175px of space either to the left or right side or about 85px either side for the center align. The same test added to the “Left Sidebar Top Left” widget area wouldn’t show nearly as much change, there is a change, but hard to see.

If you are adding large images there’s nothing to align, it fills the widget area.

If you add code that fills the widget area there’s nothing to align either. For example if you added an Aweber Form that’s 300px wide to the right sidebar, via the Custom Ad widget and set to center align. The Ad Widget container would be center aligned, but your Aweber form is filling the entire widget area. On the other hand add a 150px wide Aweber form and center align and you’ll find a 75px gap either side.

Without seeing the ad widget you’ve created, I’d guess the content is filling the widget area so the alignment has no impact. You can see this with my “Buy Now Using PayPal” and “Download Stallion Theme” widgets (my left sidebar), both are added using the Stallion Custom ad widget, the PayPal one is added using the “Custom Ad Code:” form. I’ve got both set to align center, but because the images are 300px wide they fill the 300px wide widget area, you can tell they are aligned, but they are.

Reduce the width of your window down to under 800px so the menu drops into mobile responsive mode: in this mode you’ll find all your widget areas get much wider and the alignment will work**. Check the alignment of the ad widget out now, you can see the download and PayPal widgets on my site are center aligned in mobile mode.

** If you are adding HTML code to the “Custom Ad Code:” box and your HTML code sets the width to 100% none of the alignments will show because that’s taking up the entire widget area, so there’s nothing to align.

The mobile Size tap targets appropriately warnings are fixed in Stallion Responsive 8.1 all that’s left are a smaller number of edge cases (create links with three letters and the tap size might be too small) and issues with AdSense ads, like buttons etc… which Stallion Responsive has no control over.