Comment on Custom Posts Widget by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget I’m afraid I can’t help you further with the single Posts widget issue as you aren’t giving me feedback on trying the multiple tests I listed in the comments above (did you try any of them? What did you see? Why haven’t you told me what you saw?). I don’t know which post should show the widget etc… so can’t check myself.

I can 99.99% guarantee you’ve not followed my instructions, if you did it would work. Your last comment sounds like you haven’t even added the Single Posts Widget to a sidebar, I told you to do that in the very first comment every comment since.

I’ve had a lot of support requests from you and there is nothing worse from a support perspective of.

“I’m trying to do XYZ and it’s broken, I’ve tried everything can you help?”

With no or very little information what you’ve tied and what you see.

With that level of information, no I can’t, I’m not a mind reader. Which means I have to waste my time guessing what the issue might be based on how others have misunderstood how a feature works.

The “stseparator” question is a good example. I know what the “stseparator” is, it’s a hr element for adding a line between posts. You’ve given no indication what the issue is for you, is it the space it takes up (adds padding) or the colour of the line? To cover your question I could explain how to remove it directly from the code, or change the CSS so the space it takes up is less or via the CSS to change it’s colour. Be specific, what do you want it to do?

For future support request provide FULL details of what you have tried, error messages, which post (URL) section of the site the output should be on. If that basic information isn’t supplied so I can replicate what you tried I’ll no longer be guessing what might be wrong and will either ignore or delete the comment. If your comment is deleted, try again with more detail.

Don’t have a problem providing support, but meet me half way, this takes up a lot of time.