Comment on Custom Posts Widget by Ratanak.

Stallion Responsive Theme Single Posts Widget I of course applied to what you mentioned but it still disappear the widget at the left-side bar. I used only one at the left-side.

I don’t think i made something broken to your html code although I edit some part of your theme. It was just a simple font size or even color.

You can see my blog here:

Oh, one more thing is that at the SEO post i could not set to display post from just a specifized category. If I chose the random display from all categories, it worked but if just a single one, it did not work. I don’t know why too.

Another problem of your theme is the custom ad widget. There is an option to command the ads into left/center/right but although I selected to center/right, it worked in the left-side only. Nothing change at all. Be sure your next update will be checked on it.

Now I am waiting your next update since you mentioned it would help to enlarge a little bit the size of primary menu bar because as I checked with google speed, it mentioned the menu bar is relatively small to tap for those using the mobile or smaller screen device.

Your theme is much more convenient than what I expected and I’m going to write a review about it soon.

Thank you so much,