My name is David Law, AKA SEO Dave :-) and the developer of the WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins on this website.

I cut my teeth on SEO in the early 2000’s when I started my first online business selling sex toys and sexy lingerie, had a website with around 2,000 adult products and no money to promote through AdWords or other advertising means.

Hadn’t heard of search engine optimization and at first ran on the belief if I built a website, they (visitors) will come: you quickly learn website visitors don’t work that way :-)

Quickly learnt search engine optimization and in my first full year trading had earnt over £80,000 from selling adult products.

Over a decade later I make a living online via a network of websites and to drive traffic to my network have developed WordPress themes and plugins that I also offer for sale and for free. Without the WordPress themes an plugins I’ve developed I wouldn’t be making as much money online.

WordPress SEO Development

For over 8 years I’ve developed WordPress SEO themes, AdSense themes and WordPress plugins culminating in the awesome Stallion Responsive Premium WordPress Theme Package.

Stallion Responsive Premium WordPress SEO Package v8
Stallion WordPress SEO Premium Theme v7.1.1
Talian 5 WordPress AdSense Theme v5.5 (free)

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin (free)
Stallion WordPress SEO Comments Plugin (free)

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Expert

I’ve been studying search engine optimization for well over a decade and used to offer SEO services (for about 10 years), no longer offer SEO services and only make money online from my network of websites.

David Law

David Law > AKA SEO Dave
: 20+ Years Experience as a Freelance SEO Consultant, WordPress SEO Expert, Internet Marketer, Developer of Multiple WordPress SEO Plugins/SEO Themes Including the Stallion Responsive Theme.

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