Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Developer by Mark.

WordPress SEO Some small modifications could be considered in the next release, but you can determine if it makes sense.

1) I would allow a sitemap without pages just posts and without ads. I do not want to confuse the user to think an advert is part of the navigation. Pages are things you usually have listed somewhere in your footer so not as important on a sitemap (navigation of last resort).

2) In the footer, not a widget, but a footer form that would allow simple html links like contact, about, privacy policy adjacent to copy right. I drop these in myself Why? I think footer links like thee are pretty standard and gives a website trust points with users and maybe Google post Panda.

3) Default favicon that could be altered easy, but a generic one might give people a reminder to make their own. Another minor thing that makes a site look more professional and trustworthy, I see very few spam sites taking the time to do this.