Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Developer by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Added 1 and 2 above for the next update, made quite a few changes for the next update so warrants a 6.2 version number :-)

Also added a few new WordPress page templates and modified some of the current ones.

There’s a Recent Comments page template that shows the latest 25 comments in full with links to the comments. Example at SEO Theme Recent Discussions: Will be useful to regular visitors who want to quickly read all recent comments without having to load them one by one. Could add an option to change the number of comments shown in the future. Added a cut down version of the above to the 404 error page, you’ll see the latest 10 posts and the latest 5 comments on error pages which should be more interesting to visitors who find their way to a site via a 404 error page (less likely to leave).

Added a custom navigation menu to the footer, so you create a custom menu, add it to the footer navigation area (available in Stallion 6.2), add whatever links you want (Privacy etc…) and they are listed below the footer copyright info etc…

Have incorporated Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and other profile pages and an RSS feed slot (Feedburner for example) into the author biography box and on a floating bar that can be floated and fixed to the left/right side of the window. Incorporated the Stallion cloaking code so no SEO link benefit wasted unless you want the profile links to pass link juice.

The website URL and the anchor text of the website link on the author biography box is independent of the URL/anchor text used for comments. This is useful because the admins comment author links passes SEO benefit (aded in Stallion 6.1) which meant you’d ideally add keywords for your name and that didn’t work well for the author biography box.

Added new widgets, Google language translation and a YouTube User Channel RSS Feed wudget, grabs the latest videos from a users channel and posts them.

Three new colour schemes, Connections Reloaded, Delicate and Coraline ported in. Five more Stallion TwentyEleven header image sets. Improved search results, rather than showing an excerpt it’s an excerpt of where the keywords are you searched and the keywords are highlighted.

There’s other new features and settings behind the scenes as well.

Like the idea of a favicon, will probably leave to the next update as currently checking the code for bugs etc… before release. See if I can find say a dozen public domain icons and have a dropdown list to choose from like the Stallion colour, header and banner settings.

Thanks for the ideas.