Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Developer by Mark.

WordPress SEO My friends who bought your premium theme love the SEO and the customer support.

However when people who I show your website to, land on the page, they are disoriented and lose interest.

I highly recommend A/B multivariate testing (Google has this functionality) to improve conversion rates.

Determine your baseline conversion rate now. Then do multivariate testing until the cows come home.

Double or triple it. Google has A/B multivariate analysis functionality built in.

Think about the average consumer. They like websites like to dazzle them with images and they want their website to look like this. Imagination is where the purchase is made. Make it tempting to their imagination.

Be a WP super hero with imagination.

They want to impress their friends.

I am sure if your homepage looked like that, on one of your tests it would convert much much higher.

People want

1) a website with a lot of traffic (your theme is great for that).
2) a website that their friends say ‘cool’ it looks great.

I tend to think 2 is more important to the average guy in the purchase choice.

So you need to make it more sexy, so people look at your site and say, I want a website like this.

You are an SEO genius but you need to make it more tempting.

Try the A/B testing and make it more like Potterybarn or something sexy tempting. I have off lines I can share with you. What do you think?