Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Developer by Mark.

WordPress SEO What I read Google will not start factoring ad location into rankings until next year. So there is time to consider this. I do not know if they can read the actual location or just the code. I guess we will have to see. I believe every issues as a solution.

I know they are trying to improve search results but I personally do not see a big correlation between content quality and ads. I have seen many sites that are poorly monetized of poor quality, and many high quality sites with ads.

I really need to study ad position and income on my websites. I think your 45-year-old millionaire site with a main content ad and a header ad is most likely the best combination. I am a fan of sidebar ads when I want to keep my website clean. Maybe I will try a stack of three sidebar ads.

I think the header ad is brilliant. I will have to try it. Since I use the Stallion black gradient theme with a lot of top navigation I have to make sure the ad does not overlap with this theme, as when I first tried it the navigation menu titles seemed to be in front of the ad. But that is me as I have thrown a lot of things on that top navigation. Just a small adjustment might be in order in the next update. You might want to try it to see what I mean. But no problem if it is ment more for the 2011 theme style.

Community website development

My successful sites all have a community to some degree. My less successful sites do not have much of a community. So that tells you something. Mingle or the other social WP plugins and platforms do all have the registration draw back.

My comments cid pages are really starting to pay off with long tail searches. I just think the say you developed super comments is one of the strongest aspects of this whole theme. I hope people understand its power.

Still there I just feel there has to be a feature here that could be taken to another level with regards to community. I do not know what it is yet. Interesting Gravatar do help analogously like your related posts have with images. But still there has to be something else that could be added to encourage community, that would not dissuade people like registration or becoming to cluttered.

Do you know the website The key why that is a Alexa 4000 something is because you do not need to register. It is a strange sort of social site with no registration. I think their forum does not even have registration. You just leave a comment and it is on the forum. So I do not know how to extend the theme further with this, but I will throw some ideas out there from time to time.

The 25 latest comments do look interesting. I need to explore more of the features of this theme as development for a one man show is moving at light speed. By the way, I am always impressed how one man shows often produce better quality products then large teams of people (Bing vs. for example. That is entrepreneurship.