Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Developer by Mark.

WordPress SEO More ideas on improving Stallion. These are just ideas please do not feel obligated these are back burner ideas.

Black theme and Adsense
I have done testing with my websites, though I am only one guy. However, I have found the black Talian theme works very well with Adsense. Maybe people’s eyes try to escape the black and go to the light? The White or simple theme I will use on my website where I sell my own product as it looks cleaner. Your themes are great as they have a lot of flexibility. You can make beautiful images and headers. So maybe in the future you could offer the black theme with more color possibilities. That is black but in addition to orange and green, maybe other colors like light blue or dark blue against a black Talian theme or a number of color that accent the black theme. Even gradients, textures. But these are really time-consuming and I do not expect this as people can re-create their own designs in Photoshop etc.

Visual guides
About the sides that are outside the boundaries of the theme, I do not know would diagonal lines light lines work even that direct eyes to the side bar which might contain ads? That means a pattern that does not violate TOS but is innocent, but still has the effect that directs people’s eyes. It is all about directing people on the site with visuals not just words.

Sidebar decorations
Also sidebar decoration that is not a TOS violation but could enhance Adsense? If you look at you will see they do this.

Above the fold
I have found the above the fold ads in the content work 2.5 times better than side bar ads and about 5 better than bottom ads. I think the content ads are the juicy. I agree there is not an easy way to put more content ads in. I think Panda prefers (who really knows anything about Panda) more ads at the bottom, but the top ones pay. I think it is great you could move the side bars to the bottom on an SEO x-ray of a page.

Wow first page
If you could do a magazine or newspaper front page option this does add value especially for people who will expand their idea of a blog to be more social like with bbPress or BuddyPress or at least a landing page that can be change to a ‘business card’ side of their page.

A lot of talk about Social Media but who is buying it
Per our dialogues before on this, SEM Social (Twitter, Stumbleupon,, YouTube etc) is good to diversity from just one type of traffic, but I agree SEO and organic traffic at least today is still the most effective and pays the bills. I am curious how the big ‘G’ will integrate social signals into search if social is low quality traffic compared to search. They are borrowing a lot of money these days (billions)and sit on pile of cash, I do not know if it is to play the interest rate game or something is cooking for the future. Why would a search company being playing the interest rate speculation game? They are hiring people like crazy, they might be up to something.

Thank you SEO Wizard with a white hat
Thank you very much for all your efforts and no expectations here. By the way with the works you have done with this theme, including research and bringing this to fruition, we might just well call you Gandalf when it comes to SEO.