Updated the Britain Attracts Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs in April 2014 with up to date infographic like images.

Read a very interesting news article today on Reuters news about Britain lures talent: sci-tech entrepreneurs move in.

In the UK we’ve had years of very negative attitudes regarding immigration, with a lot of the working class believing inward immigration is damaging the British economy.

Every day the right-wing newspapers are filled with anti-immigration stories from foreign prisoners the UK can’t get rid of to immigrants ONLY moving to Britain to claim welfare benefits.

Lots of Brits believe “immigrants are taking their jobs” for example!

There’s a LOT of negativity towards foreigners in the UK and I’m sure it will have an impact on direct foreign investment.

Britain Attracts Foreign Investors

LONDON (Reuters) – It took only a few weeks of research for Romanian entrepreneur Emi Gal to decide where to base his digital media firm, and his choice confounds a fairly enduring set of stereotypes about Britain’s global appeal.

As my regular readers know I own a number of websites including one on UK politics where supporters of a fringe right-wing political party, The British National Party (BNP) are consistently arguing ALL immigration is bad for Britain: they want to close our borders and pay legal immigrants to leave!

I know the hard core BNP supporters (and the BNP politicians for that matter) are extremists, the BNP have neo-Nazi/fascist/racist roots and are NOT representative of Britain, they hold a minority view, but the issues the BNP focus on are real.

UK Business Investment Survey

British people are concerned at the level of economic immigration into Britain, especially when economic migrants that enter Britain lack skills: I think the majority of British people see the value of economic migrants that brings skills to our economy that we are lacking (we have a shortage of UK trained Doctors and Nurses for example), but do not understand why we need foreign workers for untrained jobs like picking cabbages in a field when hundreds of thousands of British people are unemployed.

We Need Foreign Investors

Many British people over look how reliant we are on foreign investment, the world is a heck of a lot smaller than it used to be with international businesses owning many British businesses (looks like Kraft will be buying Cadbury for example) with money flowing freely around the globe. IMO this is a very good thing for our economy, who cares where the money is from as long as it’s invested in our economy.

While we come out of recession we need more foreign direct investment and entrepreneurs not less.

Just look at where the high net worth individuals live in the world, we want them to invest in our economy.

HNWI High Net Worth Individuals

We should be trying to attract high net worth billionaires and millionaires not chase them away because the UK general public don’t understand the economics of immigration.

When I read the “Britain lures talent” article it was a bit of a pleasant surprise to read such a positive article about economic immigration and foreign investment into Britain after all the negativity from BNP supporters on my politics site.

I realise the article doesn’t mention immigration per se, but the Romanian entrepreneur mentioned in the article is an economic migrant and good for Britain. His digital media firm will bring investment into Britain and create jobs for British people (all good for our economy).

Great News for Britain’s Economy

International experts agree there has been genuine progress in the country which a few decades ago was fast fading as a magnet for the science, health and technology brains and entrepreneurship that also drive the knowledge economy.


According to the Legatum Institute, an investment-led think tank which ranks 104 nations on a Prosperity Index of a variety of business and social measures, Britain is second only to the United States for entrepreneurship and innovation — ahead of Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Ranked second out of 104 countries regarding entrepreneurship and innovation, I thought we were doing quite badly, just goes to show how the British media tend to concentrate on the negatives.

The report referred to is at http://www.prosperity.com/#!/?aspxerrorpath=%2Frankings.aspx Britain is ranked number 12 out of the 104 countries overall, which is pretty good IMO.

UK Foreign Direct Investment

After reading the article and the ranking report I feel more positive about Britain’s future economic prospects and can only hope the negative image groups like the BNP send to potential foreign investors and skilled economic migrants wanting to invest/settle in Britain doesn’t cause too much damage.

I always like to see good news, there’s never enough of it on the news.

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