Comment on Foreign Investors Economic Impact by Foreign Millionaire.

UK Foreign Direct Investment The biggest problem with British people TODAY is – they still think that Britain has an Empire and no immigrants are needed. They live in their “glorified” past even now but forget the fact (or are rather unaware) that throughout history only 5% of the upper classes in Britain controlled the Empire and the rest of 95% British people – all of whom were SUBJECTS of the empire along with the common people in their colonies.

I also need to state that – the ONLY reason that Britain was able to gain control of India is because they made economic alliances with the Local Maharajas of India who were given full support and protection by the British in return for carrying out trade activities and controlling those parts of India which did not have any direct Indian Royal family ruling it. Its a pure misconception when the majority of British people think they controlled massive countries like India single-handedly and now the British think all Indians were poor and their slaves at one time – so nothing should change even now. Little do they realize that 95% of the British population up until 60 years ago were also slaves to the British empire.. only the 5% upper class ruled the country as late as until the 1970s.

Anyway – a lot of the racist attitudes and BNP’s popularity has to do with the fact that British public are under the misconception that they ruled the world at one time – so now they cannot stand foreigners coming and living side-by-side with them. Generally the upper class and well-bred British know the difference and are well aware of all that I say above – and they are not at all racist either – rather they hate the same lower class racist Brits who keep making such a big deal out of Immigration without realizing how important foreign investment and skilled migration is. They fear foreigners coming over and not only taking up their jobs but also businesses and then employing British people….this is why the majority of them are not in favour of any kind of immigration – skilled or business / investors included – in fact they hate foreigners especially Indians with money the most. This attitude can be changed if they were properly educated about the British empire – sadly the education they receive is biased and feeds in more nationalistic / racist tendencies amongst the common British people. Poor people also have nothing to be proud of except the achievements of their country (past and present) and that is why they are more anti-immigrant and have more racist / nationalistic tendencies. Do you really think that wealthy Brits are against foreign investors coming to UK?? LOL… they all want us to be there.. and make them wealthier.

I seriously get very bad treatment by UK Border staff at the airports – and I have lodged several complaints regarding the same – they are jealous of me and one time this officer asked me – “How much money do u have for this trip” – I told him… how much do u need to see in order to be convinced?? Then I said – lets just put it this way… the clothes I’m wearing right now are probably twice the amount of what you earn in an entire year… need I say more??? Believe me – I am not a nasty person but these people are racist and jealous to the core – they see a rich visitor coming in and can’t wait to humiliate us and then let us in. I’ve learnt how to give back the insults to them too – they cannot do anything about it. Do they really need to ask me how much money I have – when I just got off the first class of a very expensive airline and have been to the UK a 100 times before which they can clearly see on their screens??? Any wealthy even “potential” investor will get turned off by this behaviour and never return and seriously never even consider investing in such a country when they are treated so badly despite being regular visitors to UK. I seriously dread coming back to the UK now – I have no desire to be insulted by some low class low life visa officer at the very least UK’s govt. should ensure visitors are treated with a smile – and not as “criminal suspects” the minute they enter the UK… its disgraceful and totally disgusting.