Comment on Foreign Investors Economic Impact by Foreign Millionaire.

UK Foreign Direct Investment Raheela –

Scum eats Scum – the British govt. is no less SCUM – they always have been and always will be so the only people that can live in Britain now easily and eat up their benefits are other SCUM.

Imagine if one invests £500,000 building a business, paying taxes and going by the rules – those people are harassed and mistreated to no end by UK visa authorities but the asylum seekers and sham marriages or students who lie and get into the UK succeed easy because they have no money so they lose no money. And the reason they succeed is because like themselves – the British govt. is also SCUM.. filthy scum…. they deserve each other and i’ve decided to take my money elsewhere.

I hope every wealthy person is discouraged from going to the UK and they will collapse like this. British are filthy people who pretend to be nice and tolerant – but they are evil.