Comment on Foreign Investors Economic Impact by FED UP OF BRITAIN.

UK Foreign Direct Investment UK is a highly racist country – as a foreigner try living outside the posh, wealthy areas of central London – it’s impossible to escape racist attacks. There were 50,000 documented racist attacks in UK just this past year out of which more than 50% were targeted towards Indians / South Asians.

Read this for proof –

This is higher than ANY other country in the western world.

Moreover – UK is an Institutionally Racist Island – look at the way they treat foreigners upon arrival at UK borders – they treat us like dogs like we need to beg them to enter despite holding valid visas and there have been SOOOOO many cases where some idiot UK immigration officer had a mere silly suspicion and sent the person upon arrival to a detention center (PRISON) – where they were kept for days and days with other prisoners until someone realised the mistake and let them go. There have been not 1 or 2 such incidences but 100s or even 1000s – today Britain has become an intolerant racist hell hole. Only desperate poor people who seek asylum go to that country so they can churn and cheat the system. Wealthy entrepreneurs and investors are treated like shit in the UK – so why should we bother going there and being so disrespected again and again??

Also there is such a huge police state mentality in UK – there is zero quality of life, racism galore, crime – highest in western Europe, so why in their right mind would any wealthy foreigner want to live in UK?? Sorry now wealthy people are seeking to go more to welcoming countries who dont obsess about policing their citizens and making life hell for immigrants with money.

I am a millionaire and have been treated worse than an asylum seeker by UK immigration officers – and I will take high level diplomatic action against them now after what they have done to me the past 3 years – the amount of racism I have faced, the amount of nonsense I have had to deal with and the amount of money along with sleepless nights I have spent in your filthy country – stop with these misleading articles that UK is a welcoming country for people with money – you are a disgusting country for rich people… yes for the desperate and poor it may be another story but I refuse to set foot in that country ever again…. and if many others think and feel the same way – which I think they do – its only a matter of time before UK’s economy collapses completely as in the past they were only surviving due to foreign investment….nothing else.