The Stallion SEO Advanced Options can be found and configured under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options”.

As with all Stallion SEO Theme options pages defaults are preset (Stallion runs out the box with limited setup), for a quick Best SEO options setup remember under the main Stallion options page you can load my defaults (what I tend to use as a starting point on my WordPress sites) via the setting “Use My Default Settings File SEO Version : stallion_defaults_seo.php”. This file can also be edited by you to change the defaults to match your needs.

WordPress SEO Advanced Options

Below is a screenshot of the entire Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options page, click the image for the large version (over 1Mb image).

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options

Built in Plugins

SEO Super Comments Plugin Feature

The Stallion SEO Super Comments Plugin is based on the SEO Super Comments by Plugin Vladimir Prelovac who has created some useful WordPress SEO plugins. The original SEO Super Comments plugin is currently broken.

The Stallion version is fully integrated into Stallion using features from other built in plugins and Stallion code, for example the super comments pages use the comment title plugin output for the title tag and uses the Stallion thumbnail feature.

If you own well commented WordPress blogs this is a MUST use WordPress SEO feature, it generates search engine indexable post like pages from your reasonable sized comments, with a little input from the site owner it can generate a lot of longtail keyword SERPs your main articles aren’t targeting.

This site for example currently has 374 pages indexed in Google, but less than 50 posts, pages, categories etc… which means there’s several times more Stallion SEO Super Comments indexed on this site than posts and pages!

Stallion SEO Advanced Options

SEO Super Comments Plugin Feature

Stallion Theme Comment Title Feature

Stallion Theme Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial

WPRobot 3 Autoblog Plugin Stallion SEO Features

Stallion Theme WordPress SEO Plugin Support

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